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Forms of Communication

Communication among TRC, coaches, guardians, and athletes (and varied combinations of these entities) is performed using a variety of methods.  

Our website is the primary source of information.  This is where we document all our programs, practices, policies, expectations, and requirements.  Please visit and review the content on the website on a regular basis to keep abreast of all things TRC.

TRC registration and associated tasks are managed in the SportsEngine platform.  A legal guardian must create and complete a profile for each athlete within SportsEngine as part of joining TRC. Both adults and athletes must complete specific sections within the Registration process to register for each season or program. 

TRC’s SportsEngine system enforces the submission of athlete electronic health records, including a medical practitioner's approval of fitness for the activity, and other agreements (swim ability, media release, etc.). These must be completed before an athlete is eligible to participate in TRC activities.

Triangle Rowing Club sends Newsletters on a regular basis.  These are one of the primary methods we use to disseminate information to members about upcoming events and club activities.  

If you are not already receiving the TRC Newsletter in your email inbox, please send a note to

You can access the latest Newsletter (and past editions too) by selecting the TRC Newsletters heading above.

  • Email messages

The primary means of communication between coaches and athletes and coaches and families is via email.  High school athletes and adults must provide and maintain accurate email addresses and phone numbers in their SportsEngine profiles to consistently receive TRC communications. 

NOTE: To keep communications clear and efficient, TRC advises against using an adult’s email address as a high school athlete’s email during the registration process and in the high school athlete's profile.

  • GroupMe (or other group chat platform)

Coaches may choose to use a group chat platform to facilitate communications among high school team members.  

When registered athletes are added to a TRC team, all official guardians within SportsEngine gain access to that team via the SportsEngine app.   Once you install the app and sign in using your guardian login, you will see your athlete's team listed.  You will be able to see the team schedule and communicate with all members (coaches and other athletes' guardians) using the Chat feature. 

Initially, this may become the primary mechanism for coach-guardian communications for middle school teams (where guardians are responsible for communicating with coaches and providing transportation).  

We are looking into the possibility of using this for almost all communications: HS Team-Level (coaches-guardians-athletes), HS Team Parents (coaches-guardians), and HS Team Rowers (coaches-rowers). 

You can reference the SE Mobile Start-Up Guide for more information.