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Our Facilities

Lake Wheeler

Lake Wheeler Park WEATHER

Triangle Rowing Club's main practice location where all the boats, ergs, and other equipment are located.

Lake Wheeler Guidelines

Lake Wheeler is a City of Raleigh park, and it is the only gated park in their entire system.  Triangle Rowing Club has negotiated access to the lake, but it is imperative that we adhere to all rules and guidelines, and that we are off-premises by closing time so they can lock up.   

  • Speed Limit 15mph - As a park road, it is used by a lot of pedestrians, walkers, children, and residents living next to the park, so the speed limit is kept low. Plus, the park is a heavily wooded area with lots of vegetation that can cause blind spots. Cars traveling over the speed limit will not have enough time to react.  Also, the park is periodically patrolled by local law enforcement and they will give out speeding tickets!
  • Do not drive down toward the launch area! - This area is considered off limits to TRC parent and athlete vehicles. There is a tremendous amount of activity (moving shells, oars, launches, and kids) in the lower lot before, during, and at the end of practice. For the safety of our rowers, we ask that our parents drop off, pick up, and park in the next lot up, near the playground.
  • Athlete Parking - Athletes must park in the back lot. Athletes parking in the middle lot are subject to disciplinary action.
  • Parent Parking - Parents/guardians may park in the middle lot before, during, and after practice. The middle lot is not a carpool line. Be sure to allow other vehicles to move around you. If in doubt, park your vehicle in a middle lot space while you wait for your athlete(s).