Triangle Rowing Club Tops Team History at Dogwood Junior Championship Regatta

OAK RIDGE, TN, April 27-28, 2019 - Triangle Rowing Club gave a successful performance at Melton Lake in Oak Ridge, TN at the Dogwood Junior Championship Regatta this past weekend. TRC had the most boats advance to A finals in team history, with 13 boats reaching A finals (there were 10 in 2018). Qualifying boats, which require a top 7 score placement among 2-3 semi-final races (and sometimes a time-trial before that) included: Women's 2nd 8+, Men's 2- (A and B boats), Women's 2- (A and B boats), Men's U17 8+, Women's U17 8+, Women's 4+, Women's 3rd 4+, Men's U17 4+, Women's Junior 8+, Women's U17 4+ (A and B boats). TRC earned well deserved medals in the following races: Bronze in the Women's 2- (Humbert/Atkeson), Bronze in the U17 4+ A Boat, Gold in the Men's 2- (Ganim/McGuinness), and Gold in Women's 2- (Benestad/Von Dauber). As TRC continues to make a name for itself throughout the Southeast and the Midwest, our athletes will be prepared to turn around and take many of the same boats back to Oak Ridge in two weeks to claim a spot among Southeast Regional athletes.

Press Release

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