Coach White Honored at NC Rowing Championships

High Point, NC - April 9, 2022

Triangle Rowing Club had a fantastic start to the regatta season at the NC Rowing Championships. TRC’s rowers overcame a cold, windy day to take home 26 total medals, including 9 gold.

TRC’s women won gold in the Lenny Peters Youth 4x (Alice Clark, Savana Vann, Lili DeMarco, Leah Wiebe), the U16 8+ (c: Danielle Stadiem, Lucy Laborde, Iulia Guta, Nora Mclamb, Lilly Mcelrath, Madison Hargroder, Ella Soule, Hazel Cochran, Gouri Menon), William White Youth 8+ (c: Sofia Cornetto, Alice Clark, Annelise Hahl, Savana Vann, Cam Howard, Anna Lily Laborde, Lili Demarco, Lizze-Kay Kinnell, Libby Gascoigne), Youth 4+ (c: Hannah Grudem, Savana Vann, Cam Howard, Anna Lily Laborde, Libby Gascoigne, and Youth 2- (Alice Clark, Lili DeMarco).

The men won gold in U16 8+ (c: Ryne Troast, Rylan Bachmann, Ethan Cristea, Kashan Hameed, Aaron Hingos, Jake DeMarco, Stef Thorbro-Steenberg, Luke Johnson, Joseph Fyfe) and Youth 2- (Cole Nordby, Aidan Humbert). TRC also won gold in the Mixed Youth 8+ 300M dash (c: Hannah Grudem, Cole Nordby, Charlie Barstow, Christian Shaffer, Aidan Humbert, Lizzie-Kay Kinnell, Madeline Lannon, Cam Howard, Libby Gascoigne).

Silver medals were brought home in the M and W U15 8+ 1000M, M U16 8+, M Youth 4+, W Youth 8+ Div II, W U17 8+, M U17 4+ Div II, M Youth 8+, M Open 2-, and W U17 4+. Bronze went to M Youth 4+ Div II, M U17 4+, M Youth 8+ Div II, W U17 4+ Div II, W Youth 4+ Div II, MS Mixed 8+ 300M dash, and M U17 8+.

In addition to the 26 medals won, the NC Rowing Championships recognized TRC’s head coach Will White by renaming the Women’s Youth 8+ in his honor. From the regatta director:

I wanted to recognize Coach Will for his commitment to supporting youth rowing in North Carolina for over ten years and the regatta committee was unanimous in their support of doing so. We have watched as Will has developed Triangle RC into a powerhouse club in our region. And along the way Triangle rowers have developed a strong reputation for always showing class in success and defeat - much credit to Coach Will for this. Will has a reputation in the rowing community as someone you can always count on for assistance in time of need. I know my club has had moments where we needed replacement equipment or to borrow a shell and Will was always quick to offer help.

So, we are truly pleased to recognize Will's service to youth rowing in North Carolina. Naming the women's youth eights event at the North Carolina Rowing Championships in his honor into perpetuity will allow future generations of rowers to know just how significant his service to rowing has been in the early days of the sport in this state. It was heartwarming to see his crew rowing with such courage to win the William White Cup on Saturday. We will also display his banner at our state championships each year as well.

TRC will next travel to Oak Ridge, TN to compete in the Dogwood Regatta on April 23 and 24. We’re looking forward to rowing hard against tough competition!

About Triangle Rowing Club

Triangle Rowing Club (TRC) is a competitive rowing team based in Wake County, North Carolina for middle and high school students in the Triangle area. The club practices at Lake Wheeler Park in Raleigh.

For more information and race schedules, visit You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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