Head of the Charles Regatta (HOCR), started in 1965, is the largest two-day regatta in the world. This year over 11,000 rowers came from around the world, with hundreds of thousands of spectators cheering them on. The crews race down the twisting Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with coxswains and blind-boat bowers navigating a tough course packed with other competing boats that runs under 5 bridges topped with spectators.

This year, on October 23-24, four TRC boats attended and raced. Each team is required to submit an entry for each boat they want to race, and not all entries are accepted. Two Women’s 4+s (U19 and U17), a Men’s U19 4+, and a Men’s U19 2x competed at this year’s Head of the Charles Regatta (HOCR).

At HOCR 2019, the Women’s U19 4+ (c: Ella Hill, Isabella Humbert, Jane Atkeson, Katie Young, and Sophia VonDauber, all team alumna) guaranteed Triangle Rowing a rebid with their 14th place finish out of 85 boats, for the next HOCR. Thanks to the 2019 W4+, the 2021 Women’s U17 4+ set a new team record by placing 13th out of 85, and bringing home TRC’s first ever medal from HOCR, a gold in the U17 subcategory! This boat is composed of Grace Williams (cox, ‘24), Alice Clark (stroke seat, ‘25), Annelise Hahl (3-seat, ‘24), Lizzie-Kay Kinnell (2-seat, ‘24), and Liliane DeMarco (bow seat, ‘24).

The second Women’s 4+ (c: Hannah Grudem, Savana Vann, Libby Gascoigne, Anna-Lily Laborde, and Cam Howard) placed in the top ½ of the boats, earning 41st out of 85, and securing a second rebid in the event.

The Men’s boats also raced very well, the Men’s U19 4+ (c: Ainsley Lynch, Cole Nordby, Luke Eward, Alex Watson, and Aidan Humbert) taking 26th out of 84, another guaranteed boat for next year’s HOCR.

The Men’s U19 2x (Nate DeMarco and Charlie Barstow) also had an amazing race earning 45th place. Triangle Rowing Club will return at Head of the Charles 2022, with two Women’s 4+s, a Men’s 4+, and possibly even more!

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