In Augusta, GA on November 13th, 2021, Triangle Rowing Club’s high school athletes competed at Head of the South, TRC’s last regatta of the fall season. In 2019, TRC took home the first place overall points trophy, signifying the most points placed in each event raced. Triangle athletes fought hard in 2021, and achieved the Youth Points trophy with a total of 202 points accumulated from the 7 gold medals, 1 silver, and 1 bronze.

Gold-medaling boats were the Men’s Jr 2- (Cole Nordby and Luke Eward), Women’s Jr Novice 8+ (c: Danielle Stadiem, Rachel Nelson, Ellery Eward, Lucy Laborde, Annabelle Zuromski, Campbell Davis, Zoe Pohlman, Mary Nelson, and Anneka Calhoun), the Men’s Jr 4+ (c: Ainsley Lynch, Cole Nordby, Luke Eward, Alex Watson, and Aidan Humbert), the Women’s Jr 8+ (c: Sofia Cornetto, Alice Clark, Annelise Hahl, Savana Vann, Lili DeMarco, Lizzie-Kay Kinnell, Anna-Lily Laborde, Cam Howard, and Libby Gascoigne), the Men’s Jr Novice 4+ (c: Ryne Troast, Owen Gresko, Charlie Saxenmeyer, Brady Hart, and Ben Miller), the Women’s Jr Novice 4+ (c: Sofia Cornetto, Rachel Nelson, Ellery Eward, Lucy Laborde, and Anneke Calhoun), and the Mixed Jr 4+ (c: Hannah Grudem, Alex Watson, Aidan Humbert, Cam Howard, and Anna-Lily Laborde).

The 2nd placed boat was the Men’s Jr Novice 8+ (c: Mason Rouse, Brady Hart, Charlie Saxenmeyer, Owen Gresko, Ben Miller, Alex Dick, Ethan Cristea, James Henry, and Nate Moore).

The single 3rd placed boat was the Mixed Jr U16 8+ (c: Mason Rouse, Libby Nelson, Jordan Van Valkenburgh, Alex Dick, Nate Moore, Rylan Bachmann, Caleb Jackson, Lucy Laborde, and Ellery Eward). Other significant placements include 5th in the Women’s Jr 2- (Alice Clark and Lili DeMarco) as well as a 7th in the same event (Rachel Massey and Allie Chandler), a 9th and 12th also in the Women’s Jr 8+, an 8th for the Men’s Jr 2x (Nate DeMarco and Charlie Barstow), a 5th for the Mixed Jr 2x (Riley James and Leah Weibe), a 5th for the Women’s Jr 4+ (c: Grace Williams, Alice Clark, Annelise Hahl, Lizzie-Kay Kinnell, and Lili DeMarco), as well as a 13th and 15th place in the same event. The Men’s Jr 8+ took 4th (c: Gavin Ng, Cole Nordby, Luke Eward, Alex Watson, Aidan Humbert, Nate DeMarco, Charlie Barstow, Ian Shub, and Riley James), and the Mixed Jr 4x placed 6th (Nate DeMarco, Charlie Barstow, Savana Vann, and Libby Gascoigne).

TRC athletes worked hard and raced even harder at this year’s Head of the South, and their work paid off as the team successfully defended their points trophy win from 2019! Congratulations to all rowers and coxswains for their efforts this season, and what a great way to end the season.

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