In Chattanooga, TN on November 6-7, 2021, Triangle Rowing Club earned many high placements at the annual Head of the Hooch! Head of the Hooch is one of the largest autumnal regattas in the south, generating over 2,000 entries from around 180 teams. It is hosted on the Chattanooga River in Tennessee, a gorgeous venue where the athletes navigate a ~4,500m course and race underneath bridges teeming with supporters and fans.

At Head of the Hooch 2021, Triangle Rowing won multiple first place finishes, including the Men’s U19 2- (Cole Nordby and Luke Eward), the Women’s U17 2- (Alice Clark and Lili DeMarco), and the Mixed Open 4+ (which included TRC coaches Connor Murdock, Kees Koopman, and Hayley Richardson). In addition, Triangle took home 3 bronze medals: in the Women’s U17 4+ (c: Grace Williams, Alice Clark, Annelise Hahl, Lizzie-Kay Kinnell, and Lili DeMarco), the Mixed U19 8+ (c: Hannah Grudem, Cole Norby, Luke Eward, Alex Watson, Aidan Humbert, Savana Vann, Annelise Hahl, Anna-Lily Laborde, and Libby Gascoigne), and the Mixed U17 8+ (c: Mason Rouse, Owen Gresko, Charlie Saxenmeyer, Brady Hart, Ben Miller, Lizzie-Kay Kinnell, Jordan Van Valkenburgh, Lucy Laborde, and Ellery Eward). Congratulations to all those who medaled. Other high achievements include 4th place in the Men’s U19 84+, 6th in the Mixed Open 8+, 7th place in the Women’s Novice 8+, 9th place in the Men’s Novice 8+, Women’s U19 2-, Mixed U17 8+ B, and 10th place in the Women’s U19 8+. Excellent job to all of the other athletes that raced!

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