Our 2021 Erg-A-thon Sponsors !! 

We are incredibly grateful to all our sponsors in helping us reach our goals and continue to become the best we can be!

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Fuquay Family Dental

Synergy Vet


Ian Schuman

Rocco & Patty Leonard

Esmerelda Piscatoula


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Harvey & Dona Schuman

The Engemann Family

Nancy Solomon

Lynne & Clay Pate

Watson Dental

UNC Heart

Clark Insurance

Bass & Watson Family Dental


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Total Row

Ascent Advisors

Wolgin Real Estate

Charles Smith

Tony Barr

David Miller

Michelle Judge

Kota Family

Coyne Family

The Von Dauber Family

Bari Lawhorn

The Humbert Family

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Peak City Realty

Gover & Gover Dentist

Lannon Family

Jodi Ann Chunis

Tara Rouse

The Provost Family

Anne M. Conklin

Jayshri Patel

The McCabe Family

The Chandler Family

Yan Morris

Barbara GoForth

Chad Mastny

Pamela Jackson

Jeff & Anna McLamb

Amy Leonard

Christine Shaffer

Dean & Veronica Porter


Angela Lipscomb

Sheri Schwietering

Timothy Cullings

Suzanne Evans

Meredith Barstow

Sandra Massey

Charles Futrell

Cheri A. Bates

The Massey’s 

Paige & Grady Dixon

Kristen Steffen

Janet Brown

John Lusher 

Kathryn Seawall

Julie Lawhorn

Ernest Hahl

Stephen Dean

Trish Johnston

Christopher Murray

Petersen Family


The Brinton Family


Patricia Arnone Add Associates

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