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Sustainer FAQ

What is the Sustainer fundraising program?

The Sustainer fundraising program is a monthly donation program to raise funding for TRC’s capital budget. With 100+ rowers on the team, our goal is to generate, on average,  donations totaling $25 per rower per month. This monthly total will enable us to reach the program’s $30,000 annually goal and support the club’s needs for equipment and other expenses.

Why does TRC need a Sustainer program?

Triangle Rowing Club is an entirely self-funded, co-ed youth athletic club.  As our team grows, we need to continue upgrading and increasing our fleet of shells (boats) to stay competitive.  All of this equipment must be purchased, maintained and eventually replaced.  The club also must pay fees for boat storage, insurance, and administrative expenses.  Rowers’ fees only cover approximately half of the club’s total costs including equipment, for example:

  • An eight-person shell (boat) costs between $30,000 and $40,000

  • A used eight costs between $15,000 and $20,000

  • One set of 8 oars costs more than $3,400

  • New ergs (rowing machines, essential for training) cost more than $900 each

  • Used ergs cost between $400-$600 each

  • Cox boxes (the voice amplification system used by coxswains) cost close to $600

  • Launches and outboard motors also need to be maintained and periodically replaced

What are the benefits of the TRC Sustainer Program?
  1. Provides a steady source of needed funding to maintain and purchase team boats, oars, and other equipment

  2. Contributions through the Sustainer program are tax-deductible

  3. You select the amount to pay monthly, set up automatic payments, no need to write a monthly check making it easy, convenient and secure

  4. Please email the TRC Fundraising Coordinator if you would like a copy of your end-of-year tax receipt emailed to you.

​​What are the monthly giving options for Sustainers?

Sustainers can choose from the following monthly giving options:

  • $ 5.00
  • $10.00
  • $12.50
  • $15.00
  • $20.00
  • $25.00
  • $50.00

Who can become a Sustainer?

Anyone! A Sustainer is anyone who cares… You, siblings, grandparents, alumni, BFFs, neighbors, pediatricians, financial planners, rowers… Anyone who wants to be a part of the solution and support the needs of the area youth rowers. Our rowers have felt the agony of defeat not because they weren’t ready, and not because the other teams were stronger, but because the aging equipment failed them! Sustainers are us supporting our rowers with equipment that matches their strengths and determinations.

Will the Sustainer program replace other TRC fundraising efforts?

The Sustainer program is a way for TRC to establish an ongoing, reliable source of funding for the club, reducing the need for other piecemeal fundraising efforts as the Sustainer program grows. Our goal to reduce the need to focus on fundraising, while strengthening our club and increasing support for the rowers through a strong team of Sustainers. In addition, the Sustainer program complements the Sponsor A Rower program and the one-time donations at higher cash levels. An individual Sustainer’s highest annual donation is $600.

How can I sign up to be a TRC Sustainer?

Simply click the Start Here button, fill in the registration form and choose your donation amount. A secure payment link is at the end of the registration form for you to complete your donation.

It’s easy, convenient, and secure!

Thank you for supporting the Triangle Rowing Club!