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Uniforms/Spirit Wear

Shop Uniforms, Jackets, and Swag

Uniforms, Team Jackets, and Swag

Uniforms for High School and Middle School rowers are required and can be purchased at the TRC Square Store!

High School Uniform

The high school rowers' uniforms consist of a TRC Uni-suit and TRC Tech Shirt, as well as a TRC Navy Travel Shirt (either V-neck or Crew neck)

Middle School Uniform

The middle school rowers' uniform consists of black or navy compression shorts (not sold via TRC stores) and a TRC Team T-Shirt (Orange). 

NOTE: It is the policy of TRC that all rowers must have their torso/chest covered at all times, so if the uni comes down you must have a cover on top. High school rowers have the option to purchase the middle school T-Shirt to use as a cover on top.

Team Jacket

Team jackets are NOT part of the team uniform and are not required, but they are a very popular item.

The Boat House Gore-Tex Jacket does provide warmth and is waterproof, which makes it great for rainy or cold practices or regattas!

The team jacket is a custom order. The jackets are available for purchase one time a year in the Fall. An order will be placed with the manufacturer as long as we meet the minimum order of 6 jackets. Delivery can take up to 6 weeks!


In addition to Uniforms and Jackets, you can find magnets, stickers, and other logo items to show your support for TRC!

Spirit Wear

The TRC Spirit Wear store is currently closed but we'll post up information here when we have new product availability!   



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