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Insurance and Event Sanctioning

USRowing is the governing body for our rowing events. A USRowing membership (and waiver form completion) is required in order to participate in regattas. 

Individuals who are members of or participate in rowing activities hosted by an organizational member of USRowing should be listed on the online team roster, hold at least Basic membership and accept the online waiver

Basic membership gives you general liability and eligibility to participate in USRowing sanctioned regattas (i.e. local or community regattas not hosted by USRowing staff). This is recommended for middle school athletes.

Basic PLUS Regatta membership (or Championship membership) gives your general liability, excess accidental coverage, AND eligibility to participate in USRowing sanctioned and hosted regattas (like USRowing Southeast Regionals and USRowing Youth Nationals).  This is recommended for high school athletes.

Go to USRowing for more information and to become a member.