Youth Rowing

A complete rowing program for all youths grade 7-12. Row as a team in local, regional, and national competitive events. Build core values like teamwork, athleticism, leadership, character, and commitment. Basic swimming ability is required. No rowing experience necessary.

General schedule

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specific practice times.

High School practice sessions:

Monday        3:30-6pm for Varsity only, and only April - May

Tuesday       3:30-6pm  

Wednesday  3:30-6pm

Thursday      3:30-6pm

Friday           3:30-6pm

Saturday       8-11am 

Middle School Girls practice sessions:

Tuesday       3:30-6pm  

Thursday     3:30-6pm

Saturday      8-11am 

Middle School Boys practice sessions:

Wednesday  3:30-6pm

Friday           3:30-6pm

Saturday       8-11am