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Corporate Matching

Did you know that many employers in the Triangle match employee donations to charitable non-profit organizations?

Some will even provide a cash gift to match volunteer hours and / or match donations for retirees, spouses and surviving spouses. As a qualified non-profit organization, Triangle Rowing Club is eligible for most matching gift programs. So help TRC maximize your donation!

Requesting a matching gift can be as simple as completing a form and showing evidence of gift giving. A few area employers that offer this benefit are Cisco, Red Hat, Oracle, Progress Energy and SAS. Your employer might too! Please be sure to ask your HR department if your company has a gift matching program and, if so, what you need to provide.

For questions about TRC’s charitable giving program, please contact our TRC Fundraising Coordinator

Crew is an exceptionally demanding aerobic and anaerobic outdoor team sport. Rowers master strength, endurance, and technique to row in perfect harmony. TRC actively promotes the sport through community activities, education, and training.