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Safety & SafeSport


TRC takes safety seriously.  The coaches’ primary concern is to make sure that everyone is safe while at practice, traveling, or at an event. 

  • Motorized boats remain within an acceptable distance of the team on the water and they are equipped with life jackets for the athletes.
  • First Aid kits and AED devices are on-site at  Lake Wheeler.
  • Coaches are SafeSport certified, CPR certified, and have undergone background checks.
  • All board members are SafeSport certified and have undergone background checks.

Athletes and Safety

TRC athletes are responsible for insuring the safety of themselves and others through the following actions:

  • Be a proficient swimmer.  While athletes rarely end up in the water, knowing how to swim is imperative.
  • Know your limits.  If you haven't spent much time in small boats (singles/doubles/pairs), listen to the coaches, err on the side of caution, and take your time.
  • When moving boats, regardless of your skill level, always use the appropriate number of people and a coxswain. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings in the boat yard and on the dock. If you notice a piece of equipment is damaged, report it immediately to a coach.
  •  Rowing can be a physically demanding sport. As a rower, it is important to develop an awareness of your physical health. Aches and pains are common for athletes in any sport so learning to properly recover through targeted stretches and rolling out sore muscles will allow you to remain active for the rest of your life. Every athlete is unique and therefore every athlete requires a unique plan for recovery. Use resources available to you to aid in your recovery including; foam rollers, stretching guides, coaches, and more experienced rowers. 

Physical injuries

TRC coaches use their best efforts to prevent injuries by teaching proper techniques and ensuring appropriate safety precautions. Any injuries or accidents should be immediately reported to a coach. 


What is SafeSport?

Federal law gives the nonprofit U.S. Center for SafeSport an important mandate: To end sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and misconduct in amateur sports.

SafeSport training towards certification is free. TRC encourages ALL adults/volunteers to complete SafeSport training and become certified.

Certain TRC volunteers must complete and maintain SafeSport certification before being allowed to perform their volunteer duties.

Earning certification typically takes three hours, which can be accomplished across multiple sessions.

Once certified, maintaining certification takes under an hour per year.

SafeSport Training information

The following provides detailed instructions for creating a USRowing adult volunteer account and taking SafeSport certification training.  

NOTE: Even if you completed SafeSport certification in the past, you need to follow the instructions in the SafeSport Training and create a USRowing Volunteer account.  Your prior SafeSport training should be associated with your new USRowing account (assuming the name and birthdate are the same).  This will allow TRC to efficiently track required volunteer training compliance.

Step-by-Step instructions

Create your account on the USRowing website

CAUTION! Do NOT log in to the USRowing site using the account associated with your rower/athlete.  Select Join under Individuals and create a new account specifically for you (assuming you don't already have your own, separate adult USRowing account)

  • Fill in all required fields, then type in "Trian" in the Club or Team Name field, and select Triangle Rowing Club.
  • The TRC roster is locked, so a window will appear that requires you to enter a TRC-specific code.  Enter the Club Code provided to you by the TRC Safety Coordinator, then select Submit Code.

NOTE: If you do not have the TRC Club Code that allows you to link to Triangle Rowing Club, send an email to the Safety Coordinator and it will be provided. 

  • Select Search to continue. This advances you to the Membership Level panel.
  • In the Membership Level field, select Volunteer (Non-athletes only)-Free, then complete the USRowing and Team USA donations fields (select Not now if you are not donating).  Select Submit to continue.
  • Complete the Profile and Membership Agreement panels and finish all remaining steps in the membership creation process
  • After the creation process completes, the Membership Profile panel will be displayed.  Make note of your USRowing Member # (along with the password you defined earlier) because these two values are what you need to log back into USRowing in the future.
  • Click the SafeSport icon on the left side to access SafeSport training.
  • Select the Enrolled Courses tab. SafeSport Trained Core will be listed if you have not already completed the course. Select Enroll and Start Course to begin the training.
  • Note, that you do not have to complete the training in a single sitting.  If you do not complete the training you will just pick back up where you left off the next time you return.
  • After you have completed the course,  SafeSport Trained will be listed in the Completed Courses tab.  If it isn't listed immediately, log out and log back in.  Sometimes there is a delay before the information updates.

Questions or Issues?

Contact the TRC Safety Coordinator at