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Volunteer FAQ

The dedication and hard work of the athletes, coaching staff, and parents/supporters form the three pillars of teamwork essential for team success.  To ensure that TRC runs efficiently and safely, parent involvement is crucial for the team to operate. ​

What are the benefits of volunteering? 

Volunteering with TRC is especially rewarding because you contribute to the success of an outstanding program AND you get to know the rowers and their parents through working together.

I really would like to leverage my expertise and/or passion when volunteering but that position is already taken or doesn't seem to exist.  What are my options?

Ideally, we'd love to find a place where your passion and talent can be put to best use in helping TRC succeed.  Please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator to share this info.  At a minimum, this will help us find a great fit for you in a position in the future.  

I don’t understand the descriptions of some of the volunteer jobs – is it really okay to sign up for anything?

Typically the more complex jobs are filled on a long‐term basis by experienced parents. Other than grill master, which you want to help out on a few times before trying,  or pulling the chuck wagon, which requires a big vehicle with a hitch and towing experience - you can sign up for any job. There is almost always someone with more experience that can help show you the ropes and the volunteer coordinator will explain what you need to know.

If I don’t know what time my rower is racing – how do I know what time to sign up for volunteer work?

This can be a challenge since generally, you sign up before you know what time your rower is racing.  Whatever shift you choose at a regatta, you will NEVER be expected to miss seeing your child race.  Simply excuse yourself for the race then return to your post afterward.

I’m a middle school parent, can I volunteer?

 YES! We would love your help.  Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator at and we'll be happy to find a way you can contribute.

What if I have more than one High School athlete at TRC? 

Volunteer policy requirements are per athlete.  If you have multiple athletes you can fulfill your requirements by any combination of season-long, year-long, regatta-long, and hourly positions.  

Here are some examples if you have two athletes:

  • 8 hours via shift positions
  • 1 season-long position  and 1 regatta-long position
  •  1 year-long position and 4 hours via shift positions
What if I've completed 2 of the 4 volunteer hours?  

The volunteer policy is for 4 hours if you aren't doing season-long, year-long, or regatta-long positions.  There is no partial credit for incomplete hours.  If you are short and need some guidance on how to complete your 4 hours please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator

I ended up working more than the time associated with the shift or position, do I get credit for this extra time?

The volunteer hour references are an estimate and their primary purpose is for tracking.  Sometimes they don't coincide with the actual time commitments.  TRC thanks you for your extra time and dedication to helping our program succeed, but the time associated with a particular position remains constant.  

Do all select regattas need volunteers?

No.  Head of the Charles (Fall) and the US Rowing Youth Nationals (Spring) do NOT need volunteers. Usually, the only Select Regattas that require volunteer hours are Head of the Hooch (Fall) and the USRowing Southeast Regionals (Spring), but this can change depending on the coaches' regatta choices.

Some volunteer positions require SafeSport training.  Where can I find information about this training?

 Information and detailed instructions about SafeSport training can be found on the TRC website Safety page.  

If you have any other questions regarding volunteering, please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator.