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Hourly Positions


Holiday Banquet Planner And Assistants: 

Determines venue/date for the celebration, subject to full Board approval.  Coordinates activity with coach, team, venue representative and expedites event. Including sign-up genius for food/volunteer needs, works with Board Treasurer for expenditure budget/reimbursement. Coordinates with Newsletter to inform team and families.

End of Year Celebration Planner and Assistants: 

Works with board to secure location and date for event. We use this event to celebrate all of the rowers hard work, the team volunteers and we also say goodbye to our senior team members. Party may include items like senior pictures, Junior speeches about seniors, slide shows and coaches awards. Creates sign-up genius to recruit volunteers, food and supplies.

Summer Camp Parent Representative:  

Meets on the Friday of Summer Camp to answer questions and provide information that Campers families may have.  Must be an experienced parent who is familiar with the facets of rowing as well as the structure of our team.  

Sneak Peak Athlete Check-In: 

All athletes, new as well as returning must check in with volunteers before coaches allow athlete to practice.  Volunteers are typically under pavilion at Lake Wheeler with copied paperwork verifying it is completed. Athletes receive a bracelet verifying eligibility.

Erg-A-Thon Volunteers:  

Various jobs including set-up tables, serve breakfast, grill etc.. Works under the direction of the Fundraiser Chair.  


Grill Master: 

Oversees the grilling area and cooking based on menu; assist chefs, and trains new volunteers. Approximately 30 minutes before meal time, begins cooking.  Helps with keeping equipment safe and in working order. Collects dirty pots/pans/utensils as needed for cleaning during the regatta or in garbage bags for cleaning/sanitizing after the regatta/event.  


Preps and cooks food at regattas according to menu.

​Tent Servers: 

Sets up chafing dishes, as needed, using with hot water and by lighting sternos. Serves food, removes items that have been out too long, replenishes with fresh items, keeps things clean and tidy. Checks water/Gatorade levels and replenishes as needed.  Some dishwashing may be needed if pieces will be used again. Otherwise, collects dirty pots/pans/utensils in garbage bags for Pots and Pans Cleaner.

​Set Up: 

Generally sets up the afternoon before the Regatta races begin.  Arrives at site to secure area, set-up tent, grills and food tables. Sets up tables typically in an L-shape at perimeter, tucking supplies (bins/coolers) underneath tables.  Beverages go on one side of the L, hot food will go on the other, the middle is for all-day assortment. Coordinates with Tent Coordinator to put out food/items for team as they finish water practice.  


This activity occurs in the last hour or so of the Regatta.  Packs away unused items and food, tent, bins while rowers are busy getting the boats on the trailer.  Snacks (fruit, veggies, trail mix etc.) can be separated for team to distribute on the bus on the way home.  Makes sure team spot is left clean after all is packed away on the chuck wagon.

Lobby Parents: 

Typically between the hours of 7pm-9pm.  Monitors athletes and ensures their safety.  Works under the direction of the Regatta Parent and coaches.  Coaches typically assemble details for races etc. and cannot be interrupted by athletes.  Oversees that the lobby is kept in a clean and respectful environment. Occasionally, the time could vary if team goes to the mall for dinner and some athletes who choose to remain at hotel, order food and work on homework.  Volunteer would have list of Athletes from Regatta Parent and during this time are not permitted to go to rooms, must stay in lobby with volunteer until team returns. 

Hall Monitors:  

Walks the assigned hallways at the Team hotel to ensure athlete safety.  Works under direction of Regatta Parent. Typically males/females are on different floors and they are to remain on their assigned floor.  After designated time, athletes must be in assigned room and lights out. Volunteers communicate with Coaches or Regatta Parent in a timely and discreet manner if you see anything that you feel is out of line or questionable. Please note any punitive discipline for improper activity is the responsibility of the coaches. If a coach is not present when an activity occurs that you deem inappropriate, do what you feel is necessary to manage the situation, then report it to the coach and let the coach impose the discipline.

Catered Meal Pick Up: 

Picks up pre-ordered local meals and delivers to the team hotel/Regatta tent or other designated area.  Coordinates restaurant pick-up time/location with Food Coordinator.  

Catered Meal Servers:

Serves in the hotel lobby/tent making sure rowers and coaches are fed and messes are cleaned up before departure.  Coordinates with Food Coordinator with instructions regarding leftovers.  

Dinner Chaperones: 

Volunteers are needed when taking rowers to restaurants/food courts, coordinates with Food Coordinator to meet team at designated area to monitor team, making sure messes are cleaned up before departure. 

​Ice Cream Servers:  

Communicates with the Food Coordinator regarding how many athletes, any allergies and location to be handed out.  Purchases ice cream, delivers to the hotel and distributes to athletes. This is typically done at the team hotel after dinner before the Coach’s Meeting.  


Captures as many moments as possible of TRC athletes, races, awards, coaches etc.  Shares photos in a file with team and for sharing via social media. Photos are not copyright and can be duplicated.