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New members: Read this section completely before starting to register for the first time.

Initial Registration Tasks

Rowing is a rigorous sport, and TRC is serious about athlete safety. Simply put, we collect and verify a lot of information about athletes, and we require this information to be complete, accurate, and current.

Expect your initial registration to take longer because it is the first time through the process, but the process can be smooth if you collect all the required information beforehand.

  • Athlete vital information
  • Athlete contact information, including an email address and phone number
  • Emergency contact (non-guardian) information
  • Medical Practitioner name and contact information
  • Preferred hospital 
  • Credit card information
  • Athlete health history and details about any issues
  • Athlete swim ability - the athlete must be capable of swimming 100 yards (four laps of a 25-yard pool) without touching the bottom and be able to tread water for 5 minutes
  • Medical insurance card (front and back scanned in and ready for upload) that is current and covers the athlete.
  • The date of the athlete's last physical.
  • A participation release form completed, dated, and signed by a medical practitioner.   Uploading this document is not required to complete registration; however,  the upload must be completed before your athlete is released to practice.   A download of this form is available below.
Select Regatta Registrations and Volunteer Opt-Out Fees

In addition to season registrations, You may be required to complete additional registration processes.  These should be significantly smaller, simpler, and quicker because they will often just be used to collect fees associated with select regattas or insufficient volunteer participation.

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