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The dedication and hard work of the athletes, coaching staff, and parents/supporters form the three pillars of teamwork essential for team success.  To ensure that TRC runs efficiently and safely, parent involvement is crucial for the team to operate. ​

Each day that your athlete races requires approximately 85-100 parent hours of volunteer time at the regatta location. To ensure an equal distribution of the workload, TRC asks each athlete’s family to volunteer for a specific number of hours per season.  You may choose a job at a regatta you attend or a non-regatta job.

You get to choose from over 40 volunteer opportunities below.  Whatever shift you choose at a regatta, you will NEVER be expected to miss seeing your child race.  Simply excuse yourself for the race then return to your post afterward.

Volunteering with TRC is especially rewarding as you contribute to the success of an outstanding program AND to get to know the rowers and their parents through working together.

​During registration for the Fall and Spring seasons, High School families are required to sign up for either 4 hours (typically 2 shifts) per athlete or a 1 season-long position per athlete.   Note, there is no formal volunteer requirement for Middle School  families, but it is a great way to learn the ropes and prepare for your high school days!

While the expectation is that parents/family members actively participate in a volunteer role, circumstances may prevent some from doing so.  If that is your situation, you can choose the “Opt-Out” solution by making a payment of $200 per athlete in lieu of volunteering your time.

All High School parents will receive a SignUp Genius email for the February - June season during Spring Registration and for the August-November season during Fall Registration.  

The volunteer "opt out" will will exclude “select” regattas, which are those that your athlete must be selected to participate. **A separate volunteer expectation link for “select” regattas (Southeast Regionals, Nationals, Head of Hooch, etc..) will be sent out later in the season with roster and payment info.​

Our Volunteer Coordinator and Auditor will audit initial volunteer commitments/Opt-Outs for compliance.  Non-compliance will prevent your athlete from participating in further events (regattas, summer camp, banquets, etc.) until payment or hours are fulfilled.  Please note that registration fees are non-refundable, and will not be refunded if you are non-compliant.